zaterdag 26 juni 2010

A morning full of Dragonflies

This morning I decided to go to the 'Salamandergat'. This is a pool in the middle of a forests and attracts loads of dragonflies and butterflies. Furthermore this is an excellent spot for Grass snakes, unfortunatly, I did not succeed to see any this morning but that was because my main focus was on butterflies. En route, I came across several birds. The route from our home to the Salamandergat is a nice ride through different kinds of forests. This means different forestbirds. I left home at 9 p.m (not that early, I wanted to stay in bed..) and on my way I had several singing Coal Tits, Goldcrests, 1 Firecrests and also a lot of young tits. On my way I also made some breaks because I had to look at the map (this was the 1st time for me to go to the Salamandergat, isn't that strange ;)). When I arrived at my destination I noticed a few Hawfinches, four Siskins, two calling Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers and a displaying Honey Buzzard. Tree pipits, Stonechats and Whitethroats were present as well. The Salamandergat is a really quiet place, with minimal disturbance so it is really a pleasure to sit down and enjoy the nature around you.
As I already mentioned I didn't see any Grass Snakes but I did see some nice dragonflies:

Grote Keizerlibel (Blue Emperor)

Vuurjuffer (Large-red Damsefly) 

Viervlek (Four Spotted Chaser)

Watersnuffel (Common Bluet)

Gewone Oeverlibel (Black-tailed Skimmer)
Smaragdlibel (Downy Emerald)

Also lots of Bosbesbruintjes (Rannoch Loopers) were present. This is an Geometridae (not a 'real' butterfly, look-a-like).

Probably I missed out quite a few species of Dragonflies but since this was my first serious attempt for identifying dragonflies I think it was a good try.  During my holidays I hope to spend some more time down in the Salamandergat! It is a great place to be.
Tomorrow I'll probably be doing some bird ringing.

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