woensdag 7 juli 2010

A long awaited year-tick

This year I'm doing some sort of yearlist in my county (past few weeks less active) and this year the Red-backed Shrike was still a missing species on my list. They didn't occupy the Hoog Buurlosche Heide this year (at least, I did not see them) so I thought I would not be seeing this species this year in my county. A month ago however, a pair of Red-backed shrikes had been sighted near Vliegveld-Deelen some 20 kilometres away from Apeldoorn. Until today I did not have the oppurtunity (or did not feel like cycling 20 km) to visit this place (school etc). So this morning I went to Vliegveld Deelen with my father and immediatly after arrival I saw the bird perched in tree. That was an easy one! It was a nice male and showed well for a couple of minutes. Then it flew off and reappeared again after ten minutes. It was distant but through the telescope we had a good look. After this last view we went home again, and I had a new yearlist species!

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