vrijdag 20 augustus 2010

Braamberg, Hoog Buurlosche Heide

De weather forecast for Thursday appeared to be OK so we went to the Braamberg to try our luck with counting birdmigration. Last week Maarten Kaales had an overflying Tawny Pipit at the Braamberg so that was another reason to go to the Braamberg. On Thursday morning however, the wind was SW 4 bft. A little bit too strong.. The skies were filled with thick clouds and there was a lot of moist in the air causing a hazy view.. not optimal for bird watching. We arrived at the Braamberg at 9.00 am and André van Reenen was already present there from 7.15 onwards. He didn't see any specialities but a Greenshank was a ''good'' bird for our migration site since the site is situated in an area with heathland only. The tree pipit were also represented in good numbers, with a total of 21 flying overhead. Furthermore it was very quiet and the weather was not ideal for raptors and storks (no thermal), we did have a migrating Honey Buzzard around 11.35 though.
Nonetheless, with the absence of any rarities, it was a delightful morning at the Braamberg again.

The results can be found here: http://trektellen.nl/trektelling.asp?telpost=277&land=1&site=0&taal=2


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