zaterdag 25 december 2010


Christmas means that birdwatching will be very difficult for a 1-2 days, it does not mean however, that you cannot photograph or watch birds during Christmas dinner with your family or whatsoever! That proved to be the case today as well. While drinking coffee with the entire family at my grandparents in the Achterhoek I kept an eye open for the garden of my grandparents. The garden is always filled with Tree sparrows and Greenfinches and the usual garden birds so when I'm there I always keep an eye on the birds. Also during Christmas. While sipping my coffee I suddenly noticed a small raptor landing in a tree in my grandparents' garden: a female Sparrowhawk! Quickly, I grabbed my camera and walked upstairs so that I would have a better sight on the bird. The entire afternoon the Sparrowhawk kept returning to the tree for a couple of times. The result was satisfying! :

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