zaterdag 7 mei 2011

Cycling through the farmland

Last Thursday a ringing session at Terwolde was held again. I did not feel like getting up at half past 3 so I stayed in my bed till 5.30 and then decided to get out and cycle to the ringing site. It was lovely weather and in the cold early morning I drove through the farmland on my bikey to Terwolde. I enjoyed it very much. Some landscape photos:
The ringing was slow but we had some cool birds, such as this whitethroat, we dont get many of these at our ringing site, eventhough they breed very closeby!

On my way back I had a Redwing!! foraging in a garden at Teuge. This was my latest sighting of a Redwing ever, and at I saw that there are not that many May sightings, so that was nice. In addition, I had my first Honey Buzzard of the year.

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