donderdag 8 september 2011


Our expectations on the numbers of birds for this thursday weren't entirely right but we had a splendid morning concerning a few warbler species! The first rounds were quite slow but it held some good stuff. The best birds for the day however were trapped later on this morning. Around 11.00 we suddenly had a good flock of 10 birds hanging together in a few nets. This flock existed of Red-eyed Vireos, Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Downy Woodpecker and........... a Cerulean Warbler! This species migrates through early in the summer so this was a very late bird. Powdermill only gets a few each year so that was really cool. The other nice warbler was a Cape May Warbler, the first for the season (and also a lifer for me). The morning also brought us a very striking adult Brown Thrasher and 2 Connecticut Warblers. Today the vireos were really conspicuous with 21 banded.

The totals:
Ruby-throated Hummingbird 17 -
Acadian Flycatcher 1 -
Traill's Flycatcher 1 -
Red-eyed Vireo 21 -
Gray Catbird 2 -
Brown Thrasher 1 -
Chestnut-sided Warbler 3 -
Magnolia Warbler 3 -
Cape May Warbler 1 -
Cerulean Warbler 1 -
American Redstart 4 -
Northern Waterthrush 3 -
Connecticut Warbler 2 -
Common Yellowthroat 1 -
Hooded Warbler 7 -
Scarlet Tanager 6 -
Eastern Towhee 1 -
Song Sparrow 1 -
Rose-breasted Grosbeak 2 -
Total 79, 20 species
116 including recaps

A Connecticut Warbler (banded by a happy Brandon!) , hatching year
Cape May Warbler, after hatching-year female
Cerulean Warbler, hatching year female
Northern Waterthrush, after hatching-year; a pic just because they're so beautiful!
Brown Thrasher, after hatching-year; awesome bird!
Downy Woodpecker, hatching year male

In the evening I was able to get a good shot of a Great Blue Heron with nice light:

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