zaterdag 18 mei 2013


Yesterday a Common Bee-eater was found in my county. In the Deelerwoud between Apeldoorn and Arnhem. I was still in Wageningen, but I saw it was still present today and my dad had also seen it. I decided to go back home to Wageningen and twitch it from there. I was accompanied by my dad. When arrived at the parking lot we had a singing Turtle Dove. Then we proceeded to the Bee-eater and it was still in its spot, catching bumblebees. First time I see this species in Holland (I must say I hadn't done any effort so far).

Other species observed: multiple Black Woodpeckers, a Honey Buzzard and my first Spotted Flycatchers of the year.

Common Bee-eater (Meriops apiaster)
Turtle Dove (Streptopelia turtur), singing male

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