zaterdag 7 december 2013

Classical Redpolls!

For more than a week now a group of 30-40 Redpolls have been visiting our garden and surroundings. It's a mixed group with both Lesser and Mealy Redpolls. Today I succeeded in catching one of each species. Both were classical examples of both species! Below of short photo study of the birds:
Lesser Redpoll (Acanthis cabaret), looks like a 1cy with a moulted GC9 (see arrow), male (hint of pink in rump)
 Mealy Redpoll (Acanthis flammea), 1cy male, note the 5 retained outer-GC and tertails
I would be happy with unstreaked undertailcoverts in combination with a white rump:)
 And a nice comparison of the two species!

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