zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Is it winter already?

Yesterday we checked the weather forecast and today was forecasted as a rather good day, with only showers in the western part of the Netherlands and with a faint wind blowing... but somehow these meteorologist cannot predict the weather one day in advance. At arrival the weather was pleasant and it was not too cold, about 12 degrees (ahum). Until 9 o' clock it was pleasant outside but after nine the wind became much stronger and big shower set in and it rained for about one hour, quite heavily. And the temperature was also dropping immediatly, it felt like winter! The wind was way too strong and the only things hanging in the nets were leaves. We trapped a dramatic amount of birds, circa 20. A welcomed surprise though were two White wagtails caught with the clapnet. ''Two in one hit.'' Two grey wagtails could also have been caught with the clapnet but unfortunately something went wrong with the clapnet and the wagtails were gone. But the white wagtails were the compensation;) Also, the first Redwing of the year was trapped and ringed, a first calenderyear. Moreover we trapped a male Nuthatch and some of the more commoner birds.
The weather was definitively the wet blanket today.. More luck next time I hope.

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