zondag 14 november 2010

Inland snow bunting

Got a text message this morning from Tim if I felt like going to search for a a Snow bunting that had been claimed at the Tongerense Heide yesterday near Gortel, aproxx. 15 km from home. Maarten Kaales also went for a search  (as usual, we had to find the bird for him haha..joking). We arrived at the exact location around 12.30 and immediately found the bird. It was not shy at all and it could be approuched very closeby.Unfortunately this bird resides just a few hundred metres away from our county. It was my first bird for Gelderland. 2 years ago I saw one in my own county (luckily) near the Veenoordkolk, this was the region of Overijssel however so it did not count for my Gelderland list. Here the link to the Snow Bunting of two years ago: http://apeldoornsvogelnet.waarneming.nl/waarneming/view/41113700
Here are some photos of the very tame Snow bunting:

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  1. He Fabian,

    Mooie platen! Was een leuke twitch vanmiddag

    Gr. Jochem