donderdag 4 november 2010


Yesterday I saw my first Waxwing of the year! It was about time that one would turn up in my county because they've been seen everywhere throughout the country (especially in the western and northern regions). This one I saw in my own county, in my own town, in my own street, in my own garden!! At 10.40 Am I set off to school for a math exam I had to do at 11.00 Am. When I drove across our house I saw a weird blackbird sitting in our apple tree! I usually see blackbirds eating the apples in our apple tree but this time it was something else. It was a waxwing! I heard it calling as well. I soon warned my dad that I just saw a Waxwing in our front garden. I was forced to leave to school for my math exam (too bad..). When I got home from school again my dad said the bird was gone, probably chased away by our local Blackbirds. He made some decent photo's of our garden Waxwing:
                                                                      (Tammo Meijer)

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