zondag 17 april 2011

Ces 1: not bad at all!

Numbers of birds trapped:

Boomklever (Nuthatch) 2-1
Fitis (Willow Warbler)  0-1
GBS (GS-woodpecker) 2-1
Gaai (Jay) 1-0
Heggenmus (Dunnock) 1-0
Koolmees (Great tit) 2-5
Merel (Blackbird) 0-2
Pimpelmees (Blue tit) 1-3
Putter (Goldfinch) 1-0
Rietgors (Reed Bunting) 12-1
Roodborst (Robin) 2-1
Tjiftjaf (Chiffchaff) 7-7
Vink (Chaffinch) 1-0
Winterkoning (Wren) 0-1
Zwartkop (Blackcap) 15-2
Total 46-26 = 72

Normally the total for CES round 1 is around 40-50, so we can conclude this was a good first ces round!
Further observations were a singing Sedge Warbler near the nets (scarce/rare species in the county, not trapped however..), a displaying male Goshawk (this same male failed to find a female last year, hopefully it will succeed this year). A fly-over of Spoonbill - which is quite rare in our county-, a fly over of Marsh Harrier ands 2 Green sandpipers and last but not least singing Cuckoos

I like Jays:)
All three hanging in the same mistnet!

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