zaterdag 2 april 2011

Migration's getting started

After a busy testweek I wanted to do some birding today. As the weather forecast was excellent (sun, 24 degrees, SSE wind etc) I headed to the Hoog Buurlosche Heide. The Braamberg is the place where we count the migrating  birds and this morning we did this as well. Together with Maarten Kaales, Jochem v/d Kamp, Theo Van Veenendaal and Peter Lindeboom we did some migration counting. The numbers weren't too high but I had my first Tree Pipits, Swallows and Willow Warblers of the year. Furthermore we saw active Goshawks (probably 2 pairs) the entire morning, hunting and a bit of displaying. Futhermore we had 2 migrating Peregrines and the highlight consisted of a nice adult Red Kite! Maarten discovered the bird already from a large distance. And as with all the raptors passing the Braamberg, this one flew by at a close distance!
The Red Kite
And a lousy recordshot of a 2nd CY Peregrine. 

For over 2 weeks now a singing male Central European Treecreeper has been present near Hoog Buurlo, in a forest patch of oaks and beeches. Until today I did not have any time to see this bird. It seems that the bird is very active during the afternoon. Arriving at the exact place we heard the bird singing twice. After a period of silence(with 2 calling Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers) the bird became active again and was singing and calling actively and now and then showing well. A nice tick to my county list!
At the HB-heide I also had my first wheatear.

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