dinsdag 12 juli 2011


This morning I decided to open the net in my garden again. I had it opened from 6 till 12. I caught most birds during 6 and 8 'o clock in the morning.
Great Tit 7-0
Blue Tit 2-0
Chiffchaff 1-0 (new for the garden)
House Sparrow 1-0
Magpie 1-0

Total 12-0

The Magpie was a new ringing species for me. I saw it flying into the net and quickly grabbed it. I was lucky because his head was the only thing that had kept him in the net..!

Chiffchaff, adult male
Blue Tit, juvenile
Great Tit, juvenile
Magpie, juvenile
House Sparrow, juvenile male undergoing post-juvenile moult. From inner to outer: P10,9 and 8 are completely renewed (three 5's), P7 is a 3, P6 is a 1 = a moult score of 19. P1-5 are old.

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