zondag 4 december 2011

Time for a regional rarity again

This morning it was time for some birdwatching again. The past days the weather has been terrible but the weather for the coming days isn't promising neither.. Anyway, this morning it was dry and Tammo and me decided to head off to the IJssel, to the Veenoordkolk near Deventer where Theo van Veenendaal had discovered two Snow Buntings on Tuesday. This is always a good (say rare!) bird inland. As the birds could be anywhere along the edge of the pool where it had been sighted we decided to split up. I went around left and Tammo went around right. Soon I flushed the bunting, on the southside of the Veenoordkolk. Cool! It showed really well, and it came as close as 2 metres distance. I quickly gave a call to Tammo and spreaded the news on our local bird alerts group. It's my second observation of this species in my county (saw one at the same place three years ago). And last year I saw one just outside my county on the Veluwe. So that makes three in total.
Snow bunting's aren't that cooperative when foraging - always keeping their head down - which makes photographing them quite an competition. From the many shots I kept a few good ones. See the results below:
My best shot of the Snow Bunting
And some other shots. We aged this individual as an adult female because of the fresh white fringing on the primaries and the broad shaped tailfeathers. It's a female because of the overall brownish colouration, with for example a brown rump.
 Look for the bird!
Tammo in action

While we were busy with the bird Maarten Kaales called us saying he would be coming to, to see the bird. After we had seen the bird we checked some other parts of the Veenoordkolk and just when we were about to leave, to go to my cousin's birthday Maarten arrived, so we could explain to him precisely where we had seen the Bunting a couple of minutes ago. While we drove back on the highway we passed the Veenoordkolk and we could see that Maarten was already busy with photographing the Bunting as he was laying next to the Bunting in the mud, good work Maarten;)!

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