maandag 28 november 2011

Two early winter visitors in the garden

In the form of a Redwing and a Fieldfare. Last Saturday I woke up and heard the call of a Redwing outside. I figured it was a fly-by but when I opened my curtains a little later I saw that the Redwing was sitting in our garden, and eating some of our berries. cool! Later in the morning I looked outside the window again and saw a Fieldfare foraging on berries, a first for the winter too! Yesterday it was still present and I saw it eating our small red apples in the front garden and through the window I was able to take a few pic's. This is the best one:
Especially the blackbirds like the apple tree in the front garden. In the winter there can be easily up to 15 blackbirds in the tree. But we've also had a few Fieldfares and Redwings in there. When there are Fieldfares around they always chase away the Blackbirds, apparently they feel superior... In winter I often drop apples in our back garden often resulting in long-staying Fieldfares. The apple tree in our front garden is also good for Waxwings;) Here a pic of a single bird present for only a couple hours in our front garden last year on 03-11-2010:
Made by Tammo

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