maandag 23 januari 2012

1st of January: New Year's Day in Granada

1st of January

In the morning we headed off to Granada where we would stay for one night. On our way to Granada we made a short stop near La Calahorra, just below Guadix. We stopped in some young Almond treeyards. During this stop we saw a nice Stone Curlew that flushed just next to our car. Furthermore three Black Wheatears were present. We had a great view on the Sierra Nevada with an old castle in front of it.
The place where we stopped.
The Sierra Nevada with the famous La Cahorra castle.

We arrived in Granada around 2 and checked in in our hotel. In the afternoon we took a walk to some of the miradors overlooking the Alhambra with the Sierra Nevada on the background. 
Mirador de San Miguel
The family =)
One of many narrows streets in Granada.
And just a random church.

The next morning a cultural visit to the Alhambra was planned. To be continued.

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