donderdag 19 maart 2015

Aurora Borealis 17.3.2015 Joensuu!!

It took us 2,5 months of waiting for northern lights, but finally we saw them! And how!

The predictions had been high all day, Kp levels reaching 8-9, indicating a major geomagnetic storm, and in the end it turned out to be the strongest geomagnetic storm in 10 years!

Around 19.30 as it got dark we went outside to see if there would be already some activity. We spotted a weak grey moving line in the sky but weren't sure if it was aurora, since we had not seen it before. But then suddenly around 19.40 the whole sky turned green and aurora was dancing everywhere. There were green, purple and red colours. Amazing! The peak lasted for some 10 minutes and after that the aurora weakened a little bit but stayed very active. The whole night we could witness greyish-green curtains of aurora waving through the sky. Every now and then it turned stronger.

Next to that it was my birthday the 18th, so my birthday celebration was really special, and one I will never forget!

Too bad my photos aren't perfect but they still give a nice idea how it was. I also include some photos from my dear friend Jacopo Giacomoni who took much better photos :)


Images below all ©Jacopo Giacomoni

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