dinsdag 24 maart 2015

Black Woodpeckers & Treecreepers

Spring is approaching (well, after yesterday's snow fall it seems like winter again) and you can feel that the birds are getting more active. Woodpeckers are more conspicuous and the past week I've had some nice encounters with Black Woodpeckers. When I was doing a small tour on my bicycle north of Joensuu in the search for some Three-toed Woodpeckers, I came across some very cooperative Black Woodpeckers. Next to that, I had a close encounter with a Black Woodpecker at Pentillä, the industrial area in Joensuu. Moreover, Treecreepers have started singing everywhere, during the sunny days I had quite a few in some forested areas in Joensuu. I managed to get some nice recordings and photos.
Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius), near Pentillä, Joensuu
Damage done by the woodpecker!

Here some pictures from amongst others the Black Woodpeckers near Kyronsuo, north of Joensuu

Black Woodpecker (Dryocopus martius)
Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)
Whooper Swan (Cygnus cygnus)

And finally some pictures and recordings of Treecreeper in Noljakka.
Treecreeper (Certhia familiaris)

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