maandag 8 maart 2010

A dip-day?

In the morning we went to the IJssel again to watch birds. The water level is high now in March because of all the melting water and rain water coming from the mountains (Alps etc). The river-foreland is now filled with water and around March the first waders such as Ruffs, Redshanks, Godwits etc arrive in those river-forelands. So this is a nice time for waders to turn up here. It was now filled with Lapwings and a few Redshanks. The Black-tailed godwits were missing, perhaps due to the cold weather we've had (and still have) now they might have gone a bit to the south. Normally the place is filled with godwits and numbers can increase to 1500. We found a nice first winter Peregrine sitting on a pole not far away. It was very confiding. A few minutes later it flew of and dissapeared, probably going for hunting on the farmlands. We drove towards the north and there we found 6 Grey Patridges, I managed to take a fine shot of a Patridge not far away from the car. Furthermore there were lots of Oystercatchers present.
We drove off to Terwolde because of a Snow goose which has been present there for about 2 days now. We failed to find the 'plastic' goose however which is a pity since it is still a region tick for me! :) We did see 4 Shelducks, a Water pipit, 10 Whooper Swans which were foraging next to the road. After dipping the Snow Goose we decided to go to the Rammelerwaard, which is situated between Zutphen and Voorst. It is a nice area but the birds are rather distant over there, especially the waders and ducks. There were plenty of Teals, Wigeons and Gadwalls present. So was 1 Goosander and a pair of Shovelers. We walked along the dike and after that we walked back to the car, and we went home again.
Later in the evening, I checked / and saw that the Red-breasted still had been down there. If we would have walked just a bit further we'd probably had encountered the bird, which is still a region tick for me aswell. So i can conclude that today I dipped two geese.... very pathetic haha. But nevermind, I had a great day:

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