donderdag 11 maart 2010


Yesterday night at 7.30 pm I got a call from Tim de Boer that he was now looking and listening at an Eagle Owl near the Waltersingel, Apeldoorn-west. I immediatly grabbed my bike and cycled to the Waltersingel. It took me about  8 minutas ( i was cycling very fast!) and when I arrived I saw Tim and Maarten standing there. I already heard it calling when I was 200 meters away. Maarten already had taken some shots and I saw the eagle owl through his scope. Nice bird! It was calling actively and after 10 minutes it flew off to another building. Meanwhile Alex Kwak and Theo van Veenendaal and Peter Lindeboom from the Apeldoorns vogelnet arrived. A few minutes later it flew away again right past me! What a massive bird! Even though it was probably not a wild one it was great to experience.
I've seen Eurasian Eagle owls before in Spain: in the Extremadura and in the Pyerenees and in Limburg as well. And some other places I think, but I can't remember them by heart.
Nevertheless it was a nice bird.

Today during my ''in-between-hour'' I looked on and saw that the eagle owl was now seen by day. So after I got out from school at 2 p.m I went to the Waltersingel again. There I met some birders and some folks who lived in that particular street. It was justing singing by day! It is supposed to be singing at night but this one ignored that! Furthermore it was not shy at all and eventually a blue ring was discoverd so everyone now knows this bird is an escape. Probably a bird from someone from Voorst who lost the bird in November 2009 and who doesn't have it back yet.

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