zaterdag 17 april 2010


It was a beautiful day today!
Today was the first ringing day of the CES season (Constant Effort Site)
We caught an average amount of birds for this decade, a total of 44 birds.
White Wagtail 1-0
Goldfinch 6-0
Chiffchaff 8-2
Willow Warbler 1-0
Long-tailed tit 2-1
Great tit 0-2
Blue tit 1-0
Blackbird 1-0
Song Thrush 3-0
Dunnock 2-1
Robin 1-1
Blackcap 5-1 (control Brussel ring!)
Wren 4-1
Total  35-9
Willow Warbler
 Male Blackbird 2cy, note the unmoulted brown greater coverts
White Wagtail, Male 2cy

Goldfinch male
Long-tailed tit

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