zondag 11 april 2010

The ringing season is comin'

Yesterday we went to our ringing location again to check the place and to get our new clap-net ready. We optimized our clap-net (no  broken wires :D) and I decided to see if we could lure some Meadow Pipits. Surprisingly there was not a lot of migration, maybe because of the wind direction (n 2). Eventually we got 5 down on the ground walking around the clap-net, waiting for them to go on it, and a few minutes later 2 walked on it and : bam, de clap-net clapped over and closed! We caught 2 of them.

Here you see two Meadow pipits near the clap-net

Trapped & Ringed.

 Furthermore I sighted: 15 swallows, 37 shovelers, 2 great white egrets, 1 goshawk

After that we went to the IJssel where we saw 3 Icelandic Black-tailed Godwits

And as a nice surprise on our way back to home we found an adult Tawny Owl together with 3 youngsters(takkeling in Dutch)! Very nice to see!

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