zaterdag 24 april 2010


Yesterday I discovered an Eurasian Hoopoe at my own local patch on the Hoog Buurlosche Heide, the "Braamberg''. We first heard the bird singing/calling oep-oep-oep-oep-oep. Wonderful! And then suddenly I saw the bird flying and landing in a birch and it was posing on a brench! What a stunning bird.
Then it flew off in northeasterly direction and dissapeared. While it was on his way again the Hoopoe paused a few times by sitting along the edge of the forest. Afterwards it disappeared.
Listen to the song of a Hoopoe: Song of a Hoopoe
This definitely is one of my best findings in my county!

For the entire count check out

In the evening we went to a place where Middle-spotted Woodpeckers are currently nesting/displaying. This place is only 20 miles away from our home so it was worth a try! I'll add some photos of the woodpeckers. I even saw the pair of Middle-spotted woodpeckers couple! But I'm sure you have experienced this as well: your autofocus (of the camera)  never works on a critical moment! So I missed the chance of photographing them!
At the Yperenplas near Deventer we also saw eight Summer plumage Little Gulls!
 Middle-spotted Woodpecker at nesting hole

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