zaterdag 22 januari 2011

200th species in the Apeldoorn county!

It's been a while ago since my last post, that was because I just had two very busy weeks with school. Last week I had a testweek and I had to hand in all sorts of things. So it also meant that last two weeks I didn't watch any birds. I watched some birds in our garden though, with yesterday 3 Brambling and 6 Greenfinches present. Yesterday, a Red-necked Grebe had been observed at  Bussloo, a large 'recreation' lake. In the past I've seen 2 Great Northern Divers there, also in May 2008, I saw a Whiskered tern there and now a Red-necked Grebe had been seen, a rarity in our region. Therefore, my father and I went to take a look at Bussloo this morning. We succeeded in finding the Red-necked Grebe. It was not really shy and I could take some photographs. We saw amongst others, 7 Goosanders (2m 5f), 10 Smews (only females) and a second-cy Yellow-legged Gull. Also 35 Tundra Bean Geese were seen, flying overhead. This Red-necked Grebe was my 200th species in my county!

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