maandag 3 januari 2011

Redpolls again

In the entire December month there was one species which was totally absent/missing: redpoll. This morning I saw them again. While I grabbed my bike (at the garage) I walked behind our back garden and I heard Redpolls, they seemed to be present in the birches. It did not took look before I saw them, and they could clearly be identified as Mealy's. The next thing I saw were two Bullfinches, a male and a female, foraging in a birch tree as well! Yesterday I was still saying: how come that I've never seen Bullfinches near our back garden? And today I saw them, conspiracy.. Anyway, when I got home from school (1st schoolday...) I noticed a Redpoll foraging in the birch tree again. It turned out to be a Lesser Redpoll, see the photos below:

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