zaterdag 29 januari 2011

Inland twites!

For over a few days now a group of 24 Twites have been observed near Arnhem, at the Lathumse Broek. This species has become a scarce winter visitor in the Netherlands, certainly inland. This winter however, higher numbers of Twites have been observed along the coast and on the islands. Same goes for the Lapland Bunting which showed some short of invasion with in north-east Groningen more than 500 Lapland Buntings present (in December). A long time ago, in some winters groups of Twites occasionally visited areas inland, along the Rijn or Waal but this was a long time ago. So this means that nowadays, seeing a group of Twites inland is a stroke of luck. Therefore, my father and I decided to visit this group of Twites this morning.
We had to wait for a while but after half an hour the group reappeared and was showing well. The birds were not shy at all and I was able to take of few pics. Below you can see the results:
Afterwards, we continued our way towards a Pied Crow that has been a long stayer near Velp. After 15 minutes I noticed the bird, feeding near a farm. Always nice to see this species! On our way back we also had a group of 80 Tundra Bean Geese on the Albaplas, Klarenbeek, resting on the ice.

Furthermore, the bird life in our garden is at its peak now! Day in day out plenty of Greenfinches are feeding in our garden as well as 4 Bramblings:

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