maandag 7 november 2011

Ringing in the garden: that's been a while ago!

It was time for some garden ringing again. I put my 6 m up this morning and had it open from 7.30 till 14.00. There was a strong NE wind blowing which wasn't really helpful for netting. Nevertheless I caught quite a few birds. I managed to ring 5 House Sparrows. I colourringed 4 of them. I didn't colourring the 5th because it had a bump on its right leg what looked like to be an old break, but it was totally healed again. A Collared Dove was hanging in the net for a while, it looked like it would stay in the net pocket, but I was just busy colourringing a House Sparrow so once I ran out the door for the dove it escaped from the net.. too bad, but I'll get them!


Robin 1 -
Dunnock 1 - 2
Blue Tit 1 -
Great Tit 3 - 1
House Sparrow 5 -
Chaffinch 1 -

15 birds, 6 species

 Chaffinch, adult male
 colourringed House Sparrow, male

On one of the male House Sparrow I noticed this weird primary covert:
A long primary covert.. I've never seen this with any birds before?
an adult Blue Tit

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