vrijdag 20 april 2012

Ringing at the lowest place on earth

The time for my alarmclock was set at the ridiculous time of 3:20, to get ready for some ringing at the Dead Sea with Ron (Haran) & Ron (Efrat)!

At 4:00 they picked me up in the city and around 5:00 we arrived at the ringing site.The ringing site is a  special place, several springs stream (with hot water) from the mountains in to the Dead Sea.

After putting up 8 nets we could witness a beautiful sunrise. It was amazing to witness sunrise in such a wonderful place. A really special happening! I enjoyed every minute of it.
The ringing site

Loads of birds hopped from bush to bush, mainly Blackcaps, and eventually ended up in our mistnets. It was mainly Blackcaps, Blackcaps and again Blackcaps! But next to that the variety was also pretty good. I got a ringing tick: we ringed 2 Clamarous Reed Warblers. Furthermore we ringed some Great Reed Warblers, 3 Cetti's Warblers, Eastern Orphean Warblers, Eastern Olivaceous Warblers, 1 Dead-Sea Sparrow, 2 Ortolan Buntings, Tree Pipit and another highlight was a Barred Warbler. At the end of the morning we had caught 233 birds with 8 mistnets, incredible! 187 of them were the 'Kippa' Warblers as I like to call them.
 Cetti's Warbler
 Clamarous Reed Warbler
 Clamarous Reed and Great Reed Warbler
 Never posted a photo of a Bulbul before, so here it is!
These rule out all the Sylvia's for sure!

Birds around included White-breasted Kingfisher, quite a few Fan-tailed Ravens and Tristram's Grackles.

After the ringing we visited a place in the northern Dead Sea area where we saw 5 Namaqua Doves, what a lovely little doves with their long tail!
 Namaqua Dove
Ringing with Ron & Ron

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