zondag 6 maart 2011

24th of February: eagle day

Today we started off with ringing at the IBCRE again, it was lovely weather with a pleasant temperature. We trap some local species such as Sardinian Warbler and Graceful Prinia. We also trap a nice male 2cy White Wagtail.
A very old female Sardnian warbler!
and a lovely Prinia
And Teun very happy with a White Wagtail!
During the ringing we see some Steppe Eagles, a Booted eagle (dark morph, probably a local bird) and a Greater Spotted Eagle (seen daily throughout the week). In the afternoon we decide to check the K19 and K20 saltpans. We see a good variety of species. We see a lot of ducks (mainly Pintails and Shovelers) but also a Great White Pelican:
Then we suddenly see an eagle sitting on the edge (on a dike) of a saltpan. I put the telescope on the bird and it turns out to be a splendid Bonelli's eagle! It was a ringed individual (ringed by the IBCRE last Decembre!). After a minute the bird flew off and after the bird made a 'round' it came back and flew overhead very closeby! Here is the result:
And a photo of one of the commonest waders here in Israel:
After having checked all the saltpans we decided to head to Amram's Pillars for Sinai Rosefinch. We fail to find the finches but along the way I find a nice female Hooded Wheatear. Furthermore we see a lot of Sand Patridges, a Desert Lark, a male Mourning Wheatear and rocks in every imaginable colour;)
Hooded wheatear female
Sand Patridge

We finish the day at the North Beach with the well-known Western Reef Heron and some 20 White-eyed Gulls.

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