zaterdag 19 maart 2011

Arctic ducks inland

For a while a superb male Velvet Scoter and Long-tailed Duck have been observed near Arnhem, at the Rhederlaag, a recreaction area. As we saw some nice pictures of the birds on the internet we decided to go there and we hoped for some good photo oppurtunities. We arrrived there at 16.00 We search for an hour orso and we didn't find the birds. Around 17.00 we walked to the other side of the area where we soon found the Long-tailed Duck, swimming with some coots at a close distance. I was able to take a reasonable shot of the bird:
We hadn't find the Scoter yet so we decided to check the western side of the lake, in the hope that it would be there. Arriving there we saw some other birdwatchers and indeed, we found the Velvet Scoter. A very fine male!

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