donderdag 3 maart 2011

Short summary of Israel 21-28 february

Last monday we returned home to the Netherlands again. The trip to Israel was very succesful! I very much enjoyed the volunteering for a week at the IBCRE, it was nice to be there. The ringing was slow but it was still good for some nice species. During the week I had 33 lifers: White-spectacled Buulbuul, Tristram's grackle, Rock Martin, Little Green Bee-eater, Blackstart, Fan-tailed Raven, Desert Lark, Palestine Sunbird, Graceful Prinia, Brown-necked Raven, Arabian Babbler, Cyprus Warbler, Clamourous Reed Warbler, Caspian Reed Warbler (in Holland apparently a seperate species) Mourning Wheatear, Sand Patridge, Pallas' Gull, Armenian Gull, Steppe Eagle, White-eyed Gull, Hooded Wheatear, Macqueen's Bustard, Pallid Harrier, Scrub Warbler, Syrian Serin, Thick-Billed Lark. Temminck's Lark, Bar-tailed Lark, Siberian Stonechat, Arabian Warbler, Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse and last but not least the Dead-sea Sparrow! Below just a few random pic's of last week, many more will follow;) A report of every day will also follow :)

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