zaterdag 20 augustus 2011

Clapnet succes!

Today we had a ringing session at Deventer. I had my alarmclock set on 4:30 but my bed felt so great that I stayed in my bed until 4:55.. so I had to hurry a bit and 15 minutes later we were in the car, heading to the ringing site. We had the nets opened from 6:00 till 12:30. Also, for the first time this fall we set up our clapnet again, in the hope of catching Green Sandpipers or maybe some Tree Pipits. The first rounds weren't too bad resulting in good numbers of Blackcaps and 6 Garden Warblers. On the clapnet I had tape on of Green Sandpipers and Tree Pipits. Around 7:45 I saw two Tree Pipits flying towards the clapnet, but they flew off and decided to sit in a hedge some 25m away from the clapnet. And unlike the last time, it didn't took much effort to trap these! Fairly soon one bird flew to the clapnet and landed on the edge. I could pull the cable but I decided to wait a bit longer... with result. Not much later the second bird landed perfectly on the grass in between the two nets and I was able to trap them both, what a blast :) The other highlight of the morning was a Spotted Flycatcher. Also I observed a Redstart, eager to avoid the net, which it did. After twelve we had another surpirse: a Lesser Whitethroat, the first for this site this year. Furthermore I had a net placed in our meadow, where our clapnet is located as well with tape of Swallows on. Quite a few Swallows came down but not low enough for the net. But while we were looking at the net a Hobby suddenly made a spectacular dive down to the tape and was heading towards the net... the bird just missed/avoided the net by a few centimeters, damn!

The results:
Tree Pipit 2 -
Wren - 1
Robin 4-1
Blackbird 2 -
Song Thrush 2 -
Reed Warbler 2 -
Lesser Whitethroat 1 -
Blackcap 26 -
Garden Warbler 5 - 1
Chiffchaff 11 - 2
Blue Tit 4 - 1
Great Tit 5- 3
Marsh Tit - 1
Spotted Flycatcher 1 -
Chaffinch 1 -
Short-Toed Treecreeper - 1
Nuthatch - 1

Total 66-12= 78
17 species

 Tree Pipit first calenderyear (nr.1)
Tree Pipit nr.2 also first calenderyear. 
Lesser Whitethroat, 1cy
Spotted Flycatcher, 1cy

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