vrijdag 19 augustus 2011

Die-hard ringing at Ooijse Graaf 15-18 August

Sunday evening the 14th of August I arrived at Bram in Nijmegen because we were going to ring at his site, the Ooijse Graaf near Nijmegen for a couple of days, if weather permitted. The weather turned out to be great (in contrast to the past two weeks before) and so did the number of birds! In 4 days time we ringed a total of 575 birds. It was a fantastic week!

Monday 15-08-11

This was the first ringing session of the week. We had 102 metres of net opened, mainly in the reedbed. During the ringing we had an calling Serin overhead, which was a nice surprise!
The results:
And below a shot of a 1cy Male Bluethroat:

Tuesday 16-08-11

This was the second ringing session. The first round was very busy with more than 100 birds. Soon after the first round it went a bit quiet so we stopped a bit earlier. The highlights of today were a Nightingale, a Water Rail, a Redstart and a Reed Warbler with a Stockholm-ring!
Results below:
Some photos of today:
A 1cy Nightingale, not a common catch at the Ooij!
My father, Tammo, had the luck to grab a Water Rail out of a mistnet, he probably flushed it into the net.
A 1cy female Redstart, also a sporadic visitor in the mistnets.
In addition, we captured a Smooth Newt!

Wednesday 16-08-11

The third day of ringing. It was somewhat similar to the day before, but with less Reed Warblers. Around 10.45 a rare bird showed up in the net: a Jynx Torquilla! An Icterine Warbler was the other highlight of today plus an abberant Sedge Warbler.

Some photos of today:

One of three Grashopper Warblers today
Comments on this bird are welcome, is this 1cy Sedge Warbler just a bit diluted?
1cy Icterine Warbler
And... last but not least this stunning Wryneck!

Thursday 18-08-11

This was the last ringing morning. The reed birds were represented in good numbers! 2 Savi's Warblers, 7 Sedge Warbler containing a foreign control: Stavanger and 4 Grashopper Warblers (4 is the record).
Again some photos:
Savi's Warbler nr. 1
Savi's Warbler nr. 2

Even more pic's will definitively follow later!

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