maandag 8 augustus 2011

France, last days: 10-11

26th of July

On the night of the 25th to the 26th of July we heard a calling Barn Owl and a singing and calling Tawny Owl at the campsite. In the morning we had no less than 8 Golden Orioles singing, calling and hunting at a field nearby. They gave away stunning views! We could see multiple birds sitting in a bush in the middle of the field. Things were even getting better when three Hoopoes joined the Golden Orioles. Here is a pic of the Hoopoes:
During the way we did some cycling around the Brenne resulting in 5 Short-toed Eagles (maybe not all different individuals), quite a few Honey Buzzards (6+) and again a lot of turtles.
 Incredible views of this turtle on a path!
Tree frogs are cute as well!
Short-toed Eagle (with snake!)
Black Kite
Nothing wrong with this Red-backed Shrike either!
Nor with this Purple Heron

27th of July: back, with a pitstop at the Loire

We left the Brenne and camped for one night near Sully sur Loire where we visited the one and only breeding spot of Ospreys in France: Foret d'Orleans! It resulted in 4 Ospreys: 2 juveniles at a nest along with an adult and an adult hunting along the river. See pic's below:
 Next day we drove back to Holland.
~The end~

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