donderdag 16 februari 2012

5th of January: Elanio Azul and Sevilla

In the early morning we hear two Eagle Owls calling in the hills near our appartment at Los Pinos. We pack all our bags and head in the direction of Sevilla. According to my dad, the area between Cordoba and Sevilla is very good for Black-winged Kite. He has seen them on a couple of train rides he made from Sevilla to Cordoba, for his work. So once we were in this area I kept my eyes wide open of course! Around 11.45 I see a possible Short-toed Eagle from out of the car. While we were driving on the highway I see a raptor; quite large and whitish, with complete white underparts and a triangular tail. It is however, a rare bird in winter, but there are wintering birds present in Southern-Spain every year, so you never know. Too bad I had such poor views on the bird.

It is not until ten minutes later, when, in the vicnicity of Ecija, halfway in between Cordoba and Sevilla that we see the first Black-winged Kite of the trip! It passes the highway JUST in front of the car, showing amazingly well. I couldn't resist a happy (and very loud) shout! Coool. Further new species for the trip include White Storks and quite a few Red Kites. A bit further near La Campana we decide to get off the highway to find a place to have a short lunchbreak. This is what you could've called one of the better lunchbreaks in Spain:

Our second Black-winged Kite was found hunting above the road to La Campana. There was no traffic on the road so we could stop the car and my dad was able to take great pictures! I was unlucky, as I was seated in the back, so I only have a poor shot through the front window.
Red Kite. Photo taken from the driving car!

We arrived in Sevilla in the early afternoon. We presumably saw two Lesser Kestrels, but they dissappeared to soon. The afternoon was spend exploring the city of Sevilla:
La Giralda, Sevilla
La Giralda again
View on the city
The Osborne Bull (photo taken between Cordoba and Sevilla)

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