dinsdag 28 februari 2012

Tel Aviv!

We just arrived at our hostel, the Beach Front Hostel, situated along the beach. We arrived on Ben Gurion Airport almost one hour late, at 17.45. The security check on Schiphol was very thorough- all our stuff was taken out of our backpacks for a good check - but we had nothing to hide ofcourse! The flight was nice, with good food (the pitabreads and humus!). We took the train of 19.00 (GMT+2 here) and after a short train ride and an adventurous bus ride we arrived at our hostel. 

Currently, there is a strong wind blowing and it is raining, which is a bit of a pity. I think we will go out in a bit and explore the area a little. 

Tomorrow you can expect a more elaborate story and ofcourse photos!!

Good night for now,

Fabian & Christian

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