woensdag 29 februari 2012

Falafel, beer, birds, sand, rain, and pretty women.

Last night we had a walk through the very alive city of Tel Aviv. It was busy on the streets with people, making it a pleasant watch as tourists. We soon noticed that the Israelis aren't those that have patience in traffic. On the streets you get overwhelmed by claxons! Have patience my dear friends! While walking on the busy ''Rehovs'' we soon noticed flying Egyptian Fruit-Bats! Amazing!! The bats were hunting among the trees in the street. A few times we could see one clutched on some branches, busy eating.

This morning we got out of our bed around 9.30. After a shower and some pitabreads we decided to make a walk to the north, along the promenade and then to the park at the Yarkon river.
Our room, overlooking the wild (empty!) Mediterranean Sea.
The coast of Tel Aviv.

After getting fully sand-blasted we arrived at the Marina of Tel Aviv. Here we saw our first Laughing Doves and Hooded Crows.
Hooded Crow.

A little bit later we ended up at the Yarkon river. Soon we found the first Pied Kingfisher. A life bird for Christian. In the end we had 6+ of these. Common Myna's were a common sight everywhere too.
Common Myna.

We walked east along the river. We saw Swifts, Barn Swallows, Russian Jackdaws, 4 Spur-winged Plovers, a few Spanish Sparrows, 2 Hoopoes, some Stonechats, a Common Sandpiper, Little EgretRing-necked Parakeets, White-spectacled Bulbuls and last but  not least a White-throated Kingfisher! Christian discovered the bird a bit further down the river, and a bit later we had great views of it!

The Yarkon river.

While looking at the White-throated Kingfisher, a Kingfisher flew past us. And above that, we got into a splash shower that lasted for about 20 minutes. After it was over, we walked back to our hostel, making a nice detour through the city. We came across all sorts of interesting buildings etc.
High towers
Allenby St.
I bought a cool scooter!
The Carmel market, a real must to see when visiting Tel Aviv!
Christian, in full concentration.
Candy! After I took this photo the guy of the sop asked us for a dollar haha.

Tonight we went for something to eat and ended up at a place where we had some good falafel.
Falafel with Carlsberg.

Oh and I forgot the pretty woman:

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