dinsdag 7 augustus 2012

Day 4: Timanfaya PN

21st of July:

This morning we set off to Timafaya National Park. We had to be there around 9:00 to be there before the large crowds would arrive. We drove with our own car to the restaurant of the park and there we had to wait to get in a bus. This bus would drive us around the park. With a large bus we left the parking lot and drove on really tiny roads with sharp bends. Thumbs up for the driving skills of the drivers! We drove past some steep slopes..

 The park and its parking lot
 Miles of lava
 Some volcanic rocks
View with the bus
 A geiser (a man with a bucket threw water in the hole, just to spoil it for you, haha)
 Very very hot ground...
Berthelot's Pipits didn't seem to care much. 

Afterwards we went to El Golfo for a meal. We stopped at the salinas of Janubio. Here we saw some 20 Black-winged Stilts but there was not much else.
Salinas de Janubio

 On the shore of El Golfo my dad and I spend some time photographing the Atlantic Yellow-legged Gulls, of which there were plenty around. There were hundreds of Cory's Shearwaters off shore, at least 100 flying by every 5 minutes.

 2nd summer, 3cy
Another adult of the Atlantic Yellow-legged Gulls (Larus michahellis atlantis)

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