zondag 12 augustus 2012

Day 8: The wine of La Geria

25th of July:

The morning was spent near Playa Blanca - mum and sis went shopping in Playa Blanca and the other half went to do some birdwatching (of course what else). After some fruitless seawatching and Punto de Pechiguera in which we saw just few tens of Cory's we proceeded to the Salinas de Janubio. 30 Black-winged Stilts were observed and also a single Redshank was seen. We did quite some walking around the salinas on the western side, but numbers of birds were dissappointing. This should be a good place for Trumpeter Finches, but so far this trip we hadn't been lucky with those..
 Black-winged Stilts 
Birding at Salinas de Janubio

Around 12.00 we drive back again, pick up the women and proceed to La Geria. Here we stop at a Bodega Rubicon where we taste some wine from Lanzarote and afterwards we have a great meal there. Ravens show well here, eating from some garbage off the road.
 The family.
La Gería

The rest of the day was spent swimming in the sea, doing some snorkling and that was about it!

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