dinsdag 14 augustus 2012

Day 9: Rara Rara Houbara

26th of July:

In the morning the Houbara place was visisted - not much luck though. One bird was seen walking in a field next to the car, but the light was bad. After this quick visit we went to Arrecife, to do some shopping. We found a Ruddy Turnstone in a canal with some muddy edges, nice addition to the list. The city center was quite small but we spent a couple of hours there. Bought some non BTW parfumes and had a good café con leche with some pie!
Special light early in the morning

As usual in the afternoon, we swam in the lovely sea. It was a real privilege to have a small beach (with not so many people) near our apartment. It was just a minute walk to the beach, so no despite the heat, we didn't become overheated;)

My dad and I did a trip in the evening - it was supposed to be a 'quick round' but in the end it took longer than expected. Near Mirador de Haria I see a distant Eleonora's Falcon heading North and just before Teseguite we have great views of another dark morph Eleonora's that passes the road just in front of us. We stop the car and see the bird very well. Only the second dark morph seen here so far! We also see a couple of Fuerteventura Blue Tits.
Sharp and clear sight from up 'hills' to the coast

As we drive along the road near our Houbara site we suddenly see Houbara's walking just next to the road! We stop the car and with 5 Houbara's foraging on a very close range, we have the time of our life!

And this is the result.... still sharp photos despite my shaking hands..

And this is how we saw them...

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