donderdag 25 februari 2010


This morning I was checking a few sightings on and I noticed that there were Cranes on the move. I had often dipped Cranes in the past and last year I was lucky to have a group of 52 cranes near Deventer, this was not in the borders of my county however. See the link: So as I already said I've always been unlucky with cranes, until today... At around 2 p.m I decided to check the air for cranes. I was sitting in my attic, a splendid place for watching migrants passing by. In the past I've had Storks, Red Kites, Great White Egrets, Marsh Harrier, Buzzards, Honey Buzzards and so on passing by, as well as some smaller migrants, such as Wood Lark, Yellow Wagtail, Thrushes etc. The only species which was missing on my ''houselist'' was Common Crane.
Well, after ten minutes I discovered 4 large birds flying west of our house. Those large birds were ofcourse quickly ID-ed because what else can large grey birds, with tall legs and long necks be? Cranes! (Demoisselle crane perhaps?) Following them through my scope both my dad and mom had a good view of them aswell. Still enjoying my new houslist species I heard a Grey wagtail calling on the rooftop, I failed to find it however.
Nearly 5 minutes later I saw another big flock of birds coming from the west again, this can't be true was what I was thinking on that particular moment. It was! 41 cranes were heading to us, and a few minutes later they passed our house, calling openly! Magnificant birds. I even succeeded to take a shot with 100mm focus on the group, I'll attach the photo later.

There's not much that could ruin my wonderful day anymore I hope!
Last shot is taken with 100mm.

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  1. Just replying to one message, though it goes for the blog in general: love the English birdnames ;-) Great pictures!
    And I'm sure this contributes to your English in some way, so yay Bird-blog!