zondag 21 februari 2010


This morning me and my dad went out birding again. Around eight o' clock it appeared to become a sunny morning, thirty minutes later however, everything was covered with fog.. What a pity! We still decided to go to Empe to see if the light would be better overthere. It wasn't though. While we were on our way to Empe we stopped a couple of times to see if we could take some photos of 'birds in the fog'. I succeeded to take some shots of a couple of birds.
Near the trainstation of Empe we encountered a Bittern again plus a fly-by Kingfisher.
(In the afternoon the fog was gone and we saw two Bitterns at Empe)

Below today's photos taken by me:

A foggy Buzzard:

A foggy Stork:

A foggy Fieldfare:

And last but not least a foggy Bittern:

Oh, by the way: our garden Fieldfare is still present and enjoying himself with our apples!

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