maandag 22 februari 2010

Spring is coming! so is rain...

Last night I stayed at my grandparents in Ruurlo and I decided to stay there for the night. They've got a lovely garden with lots of birds.
I woke up this morning because of a Song Thrush which was singing outloud. I bet the bird already started singing around 5 am this morning.  This was my first singing Song Thrush of the year and it was also a sign for me that spring is coming! Everywhere I heard Chaffinches singing and there were plenty of other birds around. The higlight of this morning was a pair of Bullfinches feeding in a tree right in the garden. I heard them calling first and then I discovered them. The rest of the garden was filled with Tree Sparrows, Great/Blue Tits, a Robin and quite a few Greenfinches. My grandparents have got a chimney and this morning a collared dove was singing above the chimney and this resulted in hearing the collared dove sing throughout the entire room down the chimney, which was fun!
I wanted to take some shots of a singing Chaffinch in a tree close to the house so I figured the best place to take some shots of the bird was the balcony. From there you've got a perfect view all over the garden plus the neighbouring gardens. The light conditions were poor, and combined with rain it's diffucult to get reasonable shots. I will upload some shots tonight. My goal for today is to get a good shot of some Tree Sparrows, we'll see.
See some photo's below:

Also see some shots of yesterday's Bittern, Smew and Goldeneye:



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