woensdag 24 februari 2010


Today and also yesterday the wieather was better than what they'd predicted before. The forecast was mostly showers etc. but it wasn't that bad!
Yesterday in the afternoon we went to the IJssel, near Deventer to check for Little Owl and the first Black-tailed Godwits. We drove a small retour (by passing het Apeldoorns kanaal). While driving along the canal we immediately discovered the longstaying Bittern again. It was wandering actively along the canalbank, the bittern was diffucult to see however because of all the reed which was situated in front of the bird :') Sometimes the bird climbed up the bank and took the posture of a pole ''the paalhouding'. A significant characteristic of Bitterns, which is always fun to notice. They think we're stupid and that we're not aware of the fact that they're standing there, that does happen occasionly though, haha. While we were observing this Bittern we could really see the protective colouration of the bird as it was sometimes invisible. After our Bittern sighting we moved on towards the IJssel. Arriving at the Yperenplas I noticed some waders standing along the edge of the pond. 7 Black-tailed godwits. The first ones of this year, always fun to see. A Little Owl was sitting in a willow, sadly enough when I wanted to take a shot it dissapeared in its hole, what a scaredy-cat.

The lousy Bittern again

And a few Barnacle geese mixed with a flock White-fronts

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