zaterdag 20 februari 2010

My first report

Here is it , my first blog!
After today's sightings I figured that those sightings would be a nice oppurtunity for me to start blogging.

We started the day with searching for an Eurasian Bittern along 'het Apeldoorns Kanaal'. We had a thorough search along the reedbeds, with no succes. So we decided to go to the Albaplas, this is a large pond with lots of ducks, lying next to the canal. There was nothing unusual amongst the ducks. Only a few Teals, 400 Mallards and a few Wigeons. Then suddenly my father called us! He saw an Eurasian Bittern walking along the reedbeds of the canal! It was quite close as it gave us some wonderful views. This was my first Bittern in my regione. A very nice starter for the day.

We continued on towards Empe, a site which is a good spot for Bitterns aswell. Near Empe we stopped because we saw plenty of geese flying above some land. As they landed we were getting out of the car to check them. Most of them appeared to be Tundra Bean Geese. We estimated that there were at least 1000 Tundra's present overthere. Among those Tundra's we managed to find 2 Taiga Bean Goose! This is a very diffucult bird to see in our region, so it was a nice adding to my list. Meanwhile we also heard a Golden Plover flying over, we didn't see it however.

After the geese check we continued to Empe, where I found almost immediately two other Bitterns! Seeing 3 Bitterns on 1 day in our region is not bad ;) One gave some fantastic views and we managed to take some photographs. Furthermore we saw 1 female Goosander and another 14 Smews (3 m. 11 fem.)

Another fantastic day in my region.

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