donderdag 20 oktober 2011

The Golden Triangle

The weather this morning was beyond our expectation! Again, it is proven that you should never believe weather channels/sites! They gave a 90% chance of precipation for this morning but the entire morning rain was nowhere to be felt or seen.. It was really windy in the beginning but as soon as clouds settled in it calmed down and it actually a nice sunny morning! The bulk of the birds however, were caught in these windy conditions. It was a crazy YELLOW-RUMPED day again... 121 were banded!!
About 30 Yellow-rumps in one net!

Today's totals: 

Tufted Titmouse 1 -
Brown Creeper 1 -
Winter Wren 3 -
Golden-crowned Kinglet 1 -
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 17 -
Swainson's Thrush 2 -
Hermit Thrush 3 -
Gray Catbird 2 -
Tennessee Warbler 1 -
Nashville Warbler 1 -
YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER 121 - The monthly total already stands at 602!
Palm Warbler (Western) 2 -
Blackpoll Warbler 1 -
Connecticut Warbler 1 - Late bird!!
Common Yellowthroat 1 -
Chippin Sparrow 1 -
Field Sparrow 3 -
Song Sparrow 12 -
Swamp Sparrow 9 -
White-throated Sparrow 23 -
Dark-eyed Junco 5 -
Northern Cardinal 1 -
American Goldfinch 2 -

Total 214, 23 species!

After the banding we (Brandon, Tammo and me) headed to Pittsburgh. We wanted to visit the National Aviary which holds a nice collection of birds. Eventhough we don't like birds in captivity, these birds in the National Aviary were just free to fly wherever they want, in a big cage. This made it 'real' too. We enjoyed the visit to the Aviary very much! After the visit to the Aviary we went to Mt. Washington just south of Downtown Pittsburgh where you have an incredible view on the city.

The Micronesian Kingfisher. Extinct in the wild, but they are trying to reintroduce them again! A pretty little kingfisher, a shame that it is extinct in the wild.
A rainbow Lorakeet
A Victoria-crowned Pigeon. The world's largest Pigeon.
A lazy Two-toed Sloth scratching itself.
Golden-breasted Starling eating worms on our hands. This was a new species for both me and Brandon in the hand.
Tammo and Brandon. Note the Scissor-tailed Flycatcher and the Inca Dove in the background!

The one and only Pittsburgh:
The Golden Triangle. Wonderful scenic view.
The American Football stadion of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Their song is ''Black and Yellow'' from Wiz Khalifaaaaaaa: . 
After our tour we wanted to eat some good food of the foodchain Primanti Brothers. We ended up at the McDonalds however, because Brandon's gps failed.. Well, a good McDonalds meal is good too!

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