dinsdag 25 oktober 2011

The last week has commenced

In exactly one week time I will leave the beautiful state of Pennsylvania again. Lets see what the last week of October has to offer us!!

 After a good night of sleep I got out of bed around 9.15 and had some breakfast. I sat outside while I was having breakfast and immediatly flushed 6 Junco's foraging in front of the cabin. The Junco's clearly have arrived in bigger numbers. This was also confirmed when I did a walk later in the morning (in between some rain showers). The banding area held good numbers of junco's, reaching close to the 40's. Kinglets were also clearly around. In the banding area I also saw a couple of Purple Finches, with a nice adult male included. Hopefully we'll start to catch some good numbers of these this week! Furthermore I saw some other Sparrows such as Swamp, Song, Field, Chipping and White-throated. 3 Palm Warblers were foraging on and under the nets and a Brown Creeper climbed up a small tree. There were still 30+ Yellow-rumps around but it seems that their number has dropped. Decent numbers of Cedar Waxwing wer also around in the area, coming down for berries/cherries in the area. I picked up a late Osprey, migrating along the ridge and passing by overhead. Then it started to rain... I went back to the cabin and did a bit of relaxing. 

Ruby-crowned Kinglet, foraging
Adult male Dark-eyed Junco, foraging on the road
Five junco's foraging near one of our nets
Cedar Waxwing, adult male

The late Osprey

Some pictures from last weekend:
Dad & Son
Oh sweet.. Thanks saw-whettie!!!!!!!

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