zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

My first American snowballfight!

That's right. Last night it started snowing.. and it hasn't stopped since! We could open our nets this morning but for some reason the snow got stuck in all the nets and the nets were as droopy as they could get. We decided to close most of our nets and keep the 'feeder' nets open. So the rest of the morning we had about 7 nets open.
After we saw that the nets held on to the snow this badly, we closed most of them immediately.

Last night, while failing to catch any owls, we decided to order a Big Town Pizza again! They're so enormous!

With the 7 nets open we caught some birds. About 33 in total of which 22 were new. Spread over 7 species.
Sorry, but I can't resist to post another picture of these fabulous Fox Sparrows:
Fox Sparrow in the snow!
Brandon didn't bring gloves, so he used bird bags. Such a smart guy!

After the short banding session we had a real snowballfight!We had so much fun, as you can probably see in the photos below!

Thanks to Mary, for taking all these photos,
 After hitting Brandon 3 times in the face, he figured he would go after me..
 This was the second hit in the face!
He could barely walk.
 Yup, Brandon was about to go down.
 Here he is, K.O.
 Drew a.k.a the Baseballer trying to hit me.
 In action
 Heather watch out!!
 Drew poaching snowballs from Brandon's fortress.
 Heather vs. Faba
 Heather vs. Brandy
Heather vs. Drew vs. Brandon

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