vrijdag 23 maart 2012

Bity Bittern

Since a few days lots of people are around here at the ringing station. A group of really kind people from the North, Ma'agan Michael have come here for a few days to enjoy everything here. They come here every year during this time of year. They prepare lots of great food everyday so no one is starving!
Busy at the IBRCE!

Strong northern winds again with a pleasant temperature today. Ringing was normal this morning, quite a few birds including our 9th Cyprus Warbler of the season, an amazing male this time!

Sorry to bore you again with this Cyprus Warbler but I just can't resist to place of photo of this beautiful Sylvia! 

Around noon we got a call: staff of a five star hotel in Eilat had found a heron in their small decorated pond in the hotel. Roni, Avi & Christian went for it and came back with a huuuuge surprise!
A freaking Bittern (Botaurus stellaris)!!!

Bitterns are really rare here in the Eilat area so this was an exciting surprise. It was big individual, probably a male, and it was very alive!
High fashion with Mr. Vaisanen.

In the afternoon Christian, Roni and I went to Eilat to look for a Cinereous Bunting Christian, Roni and Avi had discovered after the Bittern catch. We didn't find it but we did find cool other birds. Such as Tawny Pipits, 60+ Cretzchsmar's Buntings, 2 Quails, Masked Shrike and a female Cyprus Warbler at Camel Ranch south of Eilat. 

Tawny Pipit (Anthus campestris)
Cretzchsmar's Bunting (Emberiza caesia), Ofira Park
Also, we have our own 'House Redstart', it lives at the IBRCE for already two days!

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